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Fooling our Rabbonim Again: Lowlife Politicians & Their Frum Supperters

Once again our Rabbonim and community is being fooled by politicians like John Heyer (who supports civil unions which is de-facto same gender marriage). That's why we are calling on all Torah Observing Jews to stay home and don't vote. Whether it's Mark Green or David Weprin, each candidate on every level without exception supports some sort of anti-family values legislation which is inimical to our Torah way of life.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sen. Joe Lieberman Joins Obama in "Gay"-abration.

May/97: Agudah honors Lieberman - Rev Elya Sveii zt'l & and Rabbi Moshe Sherer admit it was a mistake when confronted with his pro-Homosexual agenda record.

Nov/08: Lieberman addresses Moetzes and crowd at Agudah Melaveh Malka session at Agudah Convention. Everyone forgets about Joe's homosexual agenda.

June/09: Joe reminds everyone about his homosexual agenda as seen on the video below.

Question: Will Agudah have the guts to honor G-d and publicly reprimand Joe? We are all Waiting.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hikind, Hamodia and Yated: Whose Side Are You On?!

Assemblyman Hikind looses credibility as a fighter against Same Gender Marriage and Homosexual Child Abuse when he brings down "pro-same gender marriage" Gov. Paterson to his Lawrence fundraiser. Hamodia and Yated are delinquent in their responsibility to help educate and inform their readership as to how to how fight SGM and the potential difficulties this law will create for Orthodox Jews.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A "Dear" Judge Helps People In Debt

I judge Noach Dear to be making an ongoing massive Kidush Hashem by helping downtrodden people in debt to usurious credit card companies. Even the Village Voice recognizes this.


Let him know we appreciate him.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yadin Teitz and His Kidush Hashem

The following up-ed piece by a Modern Orthodox Student: Yadin Teitz, is a Kidush Hashem! Many of our Chareidi students and adults alike should hope & pray they achieve this level of & attitude towards Kavana - Concentration during prayers. Way to go Yadin! Your grandfather (Rav Teitz z"l) is certainly very proud.

National Catholic Newspaper Interviews Rabbi Levin on NYS Same Gender Marriage


The New York Post reports Dov Hikind's opposition to including gays etc...in Sheepshead Bay Holocaust Memorial.

I understand the Assemblyman's upset, however he's around ten years too late and too local. Kindly see my attempts to deal with this problem on a much bigger level through a Federal Law Suit opposing the Battery Park Holocaust Museum as reported by the JTA internationally on June/5/1997.

Dov, your only 12 years too late. Welcome aboard. Perhaps you can address the "BIG BOY" Holocaust Museums which are being used to promote the homosexual agenda for the last 15 years.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Agudah, Vouchers & Same gender Marriage

An article in Hamodia June/03/09 details the strong prompt action of Agudah and 100 activists to fight City Hall to retain millions of dollars of voucher money. Rabbi Levin contrasts Agudahs alacrity, strong terminology (i.e. "outrage", "we are under siege", "we need ammunition") used by a solemen-faced Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz Agudah VP and their tepid response to the imminent G-d forbid passage of same gender marriage. Which is more important, the loss of money or the imposition of a lifestyle which Chazal said brought the Great Flood.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Letter to The Jewish Press - Oppose Gay Marriage Bill

The same-gender marriage bill that overwhelmingly passed the New York State Assembly and is within several votes of passing in the state Senate will negatively impact all religious people.

Orthodox marriage counselors will have to counsel same-gender couples or risk losing their licenses. Ditto for accountants, tax lawyers, family doctors, synagogue social halls, wedding establishments, caterers - the list goes on endlessly.

Public advertisements, including government-sponsored billboards, etc., will inevitably feature same gender couples and children as the typical family in order to acclimate society to accept the new state-imposed norm.

Our children (especially millions of worshippers of all faiths who attend public school) will be indoctrinated that their parents, grandparents and religious leaders who oppose and reject these relationships are bigots.

Twenty-seven years ago, Rav Moshe Feinstein, zt"l, wrote with regard to a simple "gay rights" city ordinance: "Everyone who heeds my words should fill the city hall chambers in protest and do all in their power to defeat that legislation."

Today, the threat of marriage is far more dangerous spiritually and legally, yet our Orthodox organizations have not called us to arms. They should speedily coalesce and send out letters with talking points to every synagogue in New York State and have rabbis and congregants approach their state senators with the information that this legislation will destroy our religious way of life.

We must reluctantly tell them that our communities will oppose elected officials who are actively destroying our religious way of life and, if necessary, combine forces with other religious groups who share our concerns.

If our organizations and our leadership act with alacrity and follow Rav Feinstein's example of activism (he personally wrote each commissioner in Dade County in 1978 to overturn a "gay" ordinance), we will merit Divine Providence and win.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin
Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Historic Rabbinic Ban: It Is Prohibited to Vote for Pro-Homosexual Politicians

Sunday May 24th, 2009 , an Emergency Conclave of the "Rabbinical Alliance of America" banned voting, supporting or honoring any politicians who support the homosexual agenda. Spokesman Rabbi Yehuda Levin appealed to Jewish Orthodox organizations, Agudath Israel, OU, etc., to join in the ban. Similarly, the Rabbis of appealed to Christian denominations such as: "The Southern Baptist Convention", "The National Catholic Conference of Bishops" and Pope Benedict to issue similar bans.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Concerned for Life: Rabbi Yehuda Levin Warns

Concerned for Life: Rabbi Yehuda Levin Warns

The Village Voice Quoting R.Y.L. at The Hispanic Pro Family Rally on May. 18 2009

"Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Union of Orthodox Rabbis and the Rabbinical Alliance of America, joined the Hispanic clergy members in their threats to primary politicians who vote to alter the definition of marriage.

"I want to say to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: You're an embarrassment as a Jew," he yelled, following up with a vision of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg presiding over a gay marriage at Silver's synagogue.

Levin also fretted that same sex marriage would open up the floodgates to a more expansive concept when he spoke to this reporter. "When they have the next movement that they want to have multiple wives or the next movement to marry their daughters will the Village Voice support that also or do they draw the line at homosexuals," he asked. "How far will the Village Voice go?""

Dov Hikind on Rabbi Yehuda Levin June/99 - Excerpt From "The Village Voice Interview"

"Hikind began the year expressing tolerance toward the gay community, distancing himself from the rabidly homophobic rabbi Yehuda Levin, head of Jews for Morality, who was running for the City Council in February. "I cannot support anyone who is homophobic," Hikind told a Brooklyn paper in January. "I can't and I won't." Gay activists applauded Hikind's stance and were further pleased when he cast a vote for the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination bill that passed in the assembly in March. But Hikind said the vote was an electronic mistake and filed a memo with the assembly stating that he would have voted no had he been present. "I have no intention of supporting that bill, unless someone changes the laws of the Torah," he declared. Lamented Lambda Line, a newsletter for the gay and lesbian Democratic club in Brooklyn, "We were optimistic that Hikind had, indeed, matured in his thinking on this issue, but were sadly mistaken." "
Comments Rabbi Levin:
B'H Dov has come a long way in the last ten years and we're all thrilled!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is Swine Flu a Punishment from God?

Rabbi Levin quotes the Jewish Tradition that plagues ,pandemics and disasters are God's response to mankind's transgressions of His moral code.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gedolim Of Yesteryear and The Gay Agenda

R. Levin documents the strong opposition of past Torah leaders to the homosexual agenda and pro gay politicians .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Explaining The New Attack on Circumcision

Rabbi Appeals to Catholic Bishops

In light of the move by Notre Dame to honor President Obama despite his fanatical support of the most extreme abortion agenda ( including partial birth abortion and withholding medical care for the survivor of a botched abortion ) and his embrace of the homosexual agenda including marriage, Rabbi Levin calls upon Catholic Bishops to condemn Notre Dame and defend the values that are so sacred to million s of the faithful.

Sen. Joe Liberman Betrayer of Orthodox Judaism

Sen. Lieberman's craven support of all things homosexual reaches a new low as he jumps to head of the class to sponsor federal legislation providing full marriage benefits to all partners of homosexual federal workers.

How a Rabbi Closed House Of Immorality (Plato's Retreat)

Because a new documentory "American Swing" tells the story of Larry Levinson and the notorious Plato's Retreat which encouraged adultery and immorality, Rabbi Levin weighs in with the rest of the story.