Thursday, June 4, 2009

Agudah, Vouchers & Same gender Marriage

An article in Hamodia June/03/09 details the strong prompt action of Agudah and 100 activists to fight City Hall to retain millions of dollars of voucher money. Rabbi Levin contrasts Agudahs alacrity, strong terminology (i.e. "outrage", "we are under siege", "we need ammunition") used by a solemen-faced Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz Agudah VP and their tepid response to the imminent G-d forbid passage of same gender marriage. Which is more important, the loss of money or the imposition of a lifestyle which Chazal said brought the Great Flood.


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Levin,

Always the best

Anonymous said...

In light of the shakeup/coup in the State Senate, with the Republicans regaining the majority, does that give a boost to not pass the marriage bill? I hope so.