Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hikind, Hamodia and Yated: Whose Side Are You On?!

Assemblyman Hikind looses credibility as a fighter against Same Gender Marriage and Homosexual Child Abuse when he brings down "pro-same gender marriage" Gov. Paterson to his Lawrence fundraiser. Hamodia and Yated are delinquent in their responsibility to help educate and inform their readership as to how to how fight SGM and the potential difficulties this law will create for Orthodox Jews.


Anonymous said...

"Homosexual Child Abuse"

Are you nuts? is "NON HOMOSEXUAL" Child Abuse ok?

I hate morons. said...

Hey knucklehead, when did Levin say NON HOMOSEXUAL" Child Abuse is OK? Do you think he's a Mishnah to make diyukim from?

Anonymous said...

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