Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fooling our Rabbonim Again: Lowlife Politicians & Their Frum Supperters

Once again our Rabbonim and community is being fooled by politicians like John Heyer (who supports civil unions which is de-facto same gender marriage). That's why we are calling on all Torah Observing Jews to stay home and don't vote. Whether it's Mark Green or David Weprin, each candidate on every level without exception supports some sort of anti-family values legislation which is inimical to our Torah way of life.


Unknown said...

you know very well that civil unions are never going to become a reality the gays oppose it and so do we. you know very well that politicians pander to every-body the q is whome is he blufing them or us, do a background check on Heyer and see his original positions!! not what he says three weeks before the election! you dont sound that naive.

Anonymous said...

Politicians know what parts of their districts votes and which do not. It is very easy to adopt a protest bloc no vote position which politicians love because the only people they are beholden to are the ones that are in areas that do vote. Not voting gives them a free ride to do as they please with your area such as not providing discretionary funding, supporting needed improvements or upgrades to infrastructure etc. The current street closures for school playtime without permits? GONE The easy support with police and street closures for Hachnasas Torah you now enjoy? GONE I can think of probably a dozen other community sensitive issues which presently enjoy the support of "treifa" elected officials which would also be GONE I remember not too long ago after the 66 police precinct riot when 13th Avenue was actually 100% CLEAR of double parking due to a total crackdown...wasn't alot of shopping going on - GONE- You want to take a protest position? Pick a minority candidate that has no prayer of success and turn it into a close nail biter of a race...that incumbent will not disregard your views again. Idealism works well when you live in B'nai Brak, Kiryas Yoel or New Square and shopping at Moishe's. Unfortunately, democracy is never free and when you don't exercise those freedoms that other generations have paid for in dam to bring us here then we will quickly find that those rights and freedoms are trampled on.